WayUp: Finding the Job of Your Dreams

One of the biggest struggles college students face is finding the perfect job. All it does is create additional pressure and stress to already-chaotic schedules. Students constantly go back and forth in attempt to figure out where to look and where to invest their time. The process doesn’t have to be this difficult, though. It can actually be fun, too— thanks to WayUp.

WayUp is a premier platform college students and recent graduates us to find jobs and internships. Its mission is to connect people with wonderful opportunities and its vision is to democratize the hiring process for students, recent graduates, and employers. 

All students have to do is sign up via Facebook or their school email account and generate a profile by filling out basic questions. The simple questions will not only make it more convenient for the WayUp team to select jobs that best suit you, they also enable an easier process through which recruiters can reach out to prospective applicants. The process takes just about 30 seconds.

Efficiency and speed are so highly valued in today’s society, and WayUp understands just that— it only shows users jobs they are eligible to apply for. That way, no one is wasting time in figuring out if they’d be a good fit. Where other job finding platforms require users to pay for the full experience, WayUp is completely free of charge. Let’s be real, what college student doesn’t love something free!?

WayUp does not fool around when it comes to posting job opportunities. Notable employers such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Disney, and Viacom have internships and job listings on the platform and are constantly posting new openings for students. With one in every three users hired on WayUp, there is a great possibility that you earn job at a very respectable company via the platform.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there are over 10,000 students and recent grads on WayUp. They have been hired by companies like Johnson & Johnson, Uber, 5-hour ENERGY, General Catalyst and more!

Interested in WayUp? Be sure to sign up today at the link!