Verdict on Scrunchies and Chokers

The 90s are having a moment. Two controversial 90s trends, scrunchies and chokers, are slowly making their way back through the fashion cycle. 

If you were a 90s betch, you likely sported a choker everywhere you went. Tattoo chokers were in the non-verbal dress code and were every mom’s worst nightmare on picture day. Nowadays, rocking a choker has a much more grungy, retro image. Here a couple tips on how to own this look without looking like you went back to grade school.

1)     The chunky choker. A thick, jeweled choker adds a little unexpected glam to a crop top or high neckline dress without looking too overdressed. 

2)     Layer chokers with longer necklaces, a la veteran choker-wearer Kylie Jenner. A mix of chokers and necklaces steers you away from the dreaded gothic look.

3)     Pair a choker with another recent trend, the turtleneck. A choker provides some much needed rock n’ roll to the bland turtleneck, while the turtleneck lessens the harshness of a choker. No need to fear matching your Grandma.

4)     A simple, sleek gold choker is the perfect finishing touch on a crop top or high neckline halter dress that needs a little oomph for a fun night out.

I was skeptical of scrunchies at first, but once I saw them worn right, I was hooked… yet again. Scrunchies have a really playful, girly feel and are easier on hair than the regular hair band. The size and the hairstyle scrunchies are worn with really make or break the look.  

1)     The bigger, the better. Otherwise, the scrunchie just looks sloppy and misplaced.

2)     Top off a big ballerina bun with an oversize scrunchie to add even more va-voom to your hair.

3)     Always wear scrunchies with textured, wavy hair. Flat-ironed hair combined with a scrunchie just looks like two trends trying to compete with one another. If you’re daring enough, make a little knot with the front pieces of your hair and add a scrunchie for a fun, whimsical vibe.

All in all, these trends are making a serious comeback and can add some retro-fun to your wardrobe. Just remember, less Stephanie Tanner, more Kylie Jenner.