UW-Madison Psychology Majors as Represented by The Office GIFs

The psychology major here at UW-Madison can be very frustrating. The tests are difficult and vague and the material is hard sometimes. Pursuing a psychology major is frustrating, but it’s also so rewarding. You learn so much about people. To work through the frustration, here are some The Office gifs that represent situations that occur when studying psychology.

  1. 1. Taking a Psych Exam

    For some reason, psychology exams are unreasonably complicated. Many times I’ve sat and stared at a question and knew exactly what it was talking about. Even with this, none, or all, of the answers made sense.

  2. 2. Someone You’ve Never Seen Before Shows Up for the Exam

    We all have been in a situation where we see someone come in on the day of the exam and we have never seen them before. Often times, we see the person show up on the first day and only reappear when there’s a test.

  3. 3. There’s More Textbook Material on the Exam Than You Thought

    Depending on the professor, there can be some material on the exam that you didn’t study for. Many times, this material is stuff from the readings that didn’t seem as important, but somehow it ends up on the exam anyway.

  4. 4. Feeling Confident About a Test, but Still Being Unsure

    Every time I take a psych exam, I question just how much I actually knew. Those questions can be pretty tricky and have multiple answers. 

  5. 5. Going to Office Hours

    As you step into your professor’s office, you hope to have all your questions answered. Office hours is where many students, especially after a test, go to find answers.

  6. 6. Internally Diagnosing Everyone You Know

    With great knowledge, comes great responsibility. I catch myself analyzing my friends and family based on what I’m learning in class and it can get weird.  

  7. 7. Not Understanding What the Lesson Is About

    Lecture is usually great until you don’t really know what’s going on.

  8. 8. The Professor is Not So Subtle About Lecture Material That Will Be on the Exam

    In class, the professor can sometimes be very obvious about what will be on the exam and I appreciate it.   

  9. 9. When the Lesson Hits a Little Too Close to Home

    Sometimes the lecture material is so spot on and applicable to your own life that you have to take a second to process the information you just learned.

  10. 10. Trying to Study

    Studying can be hard when there’s Twitter, Instagram and friends. I never end up getting anything done.

  11. 11. Still Wanting to Study Psychology Despite the Stress

    Despite the frantic studying and terrible tests, I always stick with psychology because it is so rewarding. It can be applied to pretty much any situation and you can learn a lot about people with a little psychology knowledge.

What’s a better way to work through your frustrations than watching The Office?