Unsaid Truths of Freshman Year

Prior starting college, you have probably been told thousands of times that the next four years will be the best years of your life.  You’ve also probably been told that you’re going to the greatest school in the world, or that the friends you make in college will last you a lifetime. There are certain things, however, about which people neglect to tell you but are totally normal and common to experience. Here are the top 6 unsaid truths of freshman year:

1. It takes time to find genuine friends

While it may seem easy to jump to conclusions about people, everyone deserves a chance. The girl you think is super fun and cool on a Saturday night may not be the one who comforts you when you need it the most. Don’t be afraid to test out the waters and get to truly know people.

2. You will call home—a lot

You won’t realize how much your parents have done for you at home until you are on your own. From cleaning up your mess to ensuring you get from place to place on time, our parents have basically done it all. Without having someone to look out for you 24/7, you will often naturally call home to ask questions, share good news, or just say hello.

3. You will study hard

From the outside, college may seem like all fun and games. But some classes really are challenging and will require a lot of effort. Be sure to buckle down and give it your all if you want to succeed.

4. Going out is not always fun

After going out to the same bars, clubs, or fraternities time and time again, your nights may become very monotonous and routine. Be sure to check out trending restaurants, fun events nearby, or new movies to spice up your nights.

5. Your interests may change

Activities you once loved may no longer be as appealing to you, and that’s fine. With a change of location comes a change in interest—you are bound to find new hobbies and pleasure in different endeavors.

6. College is what you make of it

What everyone says is correct: your years in college will be some of the best of your life— if you make them. Go out, study hard, talk to someone new… Have fun! Time really does fly, so do what you love.

At times, school may seem hard and work may be rough, but remember that everyone has good days as well as bad ones. Be sure to keep all of this in mind. Good luck!