The Types of People You Will Encounter at College Library

At UW-Madison, College Library is one of the most popular libraries on campus. With three levels, and many different sections, there are many places to study and many ways to go about studying. Sometimes referred to as the library you go to when you don't really want to study, there are a variety of different types of students you will find at College.

1. The Socialite

This person clearly has no intention of studying. They are constantly running into everyone they know, and they seem to know everyone. Generally they can be spotted jumping from table to table, catching up with other people who are also avoiding studying.

2. The Study Date

Don't let the books fool you: flirting is their priority. They are giggling and teasing each other, laying out the dating resume, while complaining about the subject they are supposed to be focusing on.

3. The Group Project

The group can range in size, but they are definitely in the talking section and usually with more chairs at the table than were originally there. The contents of their backpacks are sprawled out all over the table. Unsurprisingly, one of them is clearly dedicated to the group maintaining it's concentration, while the rest of the group keeps getting off topic, because of the kid who keeps finding new YouTube videos for them to all check out.

4. The Not-studying Study Group

There's always that one person that really, really doesn't want to study and keeps getting the whole group off task. Before you know it, the whole table is engaged in a conversation that is way more interesting than covalent bonds or photosynthesis. "Your roommates don't refill your Brita pitcher either?!?"

5. The Silent Section Whisper

People across the room can hear this kid whispering. And if there is anything more distracting than someone talking in a silent room, it is someone whispering in a silent room. Everyone in this section is scared to flip the pages in the their textbooks to loudly, but this person feels the need to have a full conversation in hushed tones.

6. The Serious Studier

This person is the one glaring at the person in #5. They have 5 midterms and two papers due this week, and it is evident. They have prepared several meals and cups of coffee so that they don't have to leave the library all day. Their notes are color-coded, with their array of highlighters lined up perfectly next to their stack of textbooks.

7. The Feaster

While everyone around this person is studying, they are enjoying a four-course meal. Whether they brought it from home or picked up Chipotle on the way, they went all out. And all it is doing is remind you how you famished you are after spending hours in the same spot.

8. The Sleeping Beauty

As College Library is open 24 hours most days, don't be surprised if you run into a few people dozing off. Clearly the extra espresso shot was not enough, but who can blame them? Midterms suck. Sometimes you have to catch up some sleep whenever you get a minute. 

If you spend enough time at College Library, you are bound to see all of these types. In fact, you might even find that you are one of them sometimes.