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The truth behind dating web sites, according to a total amateur

As someone who has never dipped her toes in the endless pond of dating web sites, I feel inexplicably compelled to write this tell-all. Perhaps it is because I feel completely disillusioned with the increasingly digitized social interactions of my generation, or perhaps it is because I have all but exhausted every possible blog topic; but in this entry, I will provide my unsolicited, expert opinion on several popular dating web sites.

1. Match.com: No tell-all of dating web sites would be complete without match.com. Arguably the most popular of dating web sites, the site is visually impressive and apparently successful. I know this because of the multitude of commercials telling me so. Happy couples who met on match.com are ostensibly everywhere, so if you ever have a deep desire to join the online dating world, well, then this is the obvious winner.

2. eHarmony.com: Dontcha just feel like you can cut the tension between match.com and eHarmony with a knife? Eharmony is match.com’s clear competitor, and the company is successful enough to spawn a dozen semi-amusing spoofs on Saturday Night Love. (Ever seen the MeHarmony skits? Check them out.) AND, according to its web site, nearly 5 percent of all U.S. newlyweds met on eHarmony. Who doesn’t love vague and not-really-all-that-impressive statistics like that?!

3. OKCupid.com: It’s free! 100 percent free! Huge advantage over its competitors, that’s for sure. However, according to one anonymous user, free also means “absolutely no barrier to entry.” Read: Weirdos can use the site, too. But it’s new and hip, and also “pretty legit” according to some guy on Yelp. That’s sayin’ something.

4. JDate.com: Obviously a niche audience, but according to my grandma’s social circle in Boca Raton, FL, “It is a great way to find our people, Lindsey. Ellen’s niece’s son’s roommate’s daughter…went on it once.” And my grandmother doesn’t give out those glowing reviews to just anything.

The moral of the story? If you find yourself wanting to explore the online dating realm, absolutely do not heed my advice whilst choosing.

P.S./the last sord/a word to the wise: GoDaddy.com is not a dating web site. I reallllly misread those commercials.

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