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Top Social Media Taboos

We all know about them, but don’t necessarily say them out loud. These unwritten social media rules have changed with the time but still affect our posts and activity on the web every day. Here’s our complete list:

1. Don’t Instagram more than once per day.

One rule that most social media leaders know better than to do is to upload multiple photos to Instagram per day. Unlike Facebook, the social media site is meant for only the most important events that happen to you. So if it’s your dog’s birthday and also #flashbackfriday… you know what to do. 

2. Only friend-request people you’ve had contact with in the last 48 hours.

We’ve all done it… started creeping through someone’s pictures and soon we end up on their cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s profile that we think we met one time. It’s probably in your best interest to avoid sending that person a friend-request or end up with a message in your inbox reading something along the lines of “who r u???” or “do I know u???”—and trust me, that moment is totally cringe-worthy.

3. Avoid the accidental like or favorite AT ALL COSTS.

When creeping through a certain individual’s Instagram feed all the way back to 600 days ago, it’s the unwritten social code to avoid the accidental double tap. If by some catastrophe it does happen, it probably isn’t the end of the world, but save yourself the embarrassment and be discreet when you’re scrolling.

4. Keep from tweeting your every move.

As much as everyone wants to know exactly what you ate for breakfast this morning, that behavior was so Myspace-ago.  Everyone has their own style, but tweeting your detailed plans tends to lead to a lot of unfollowing in the Twitterverse.  Save that information for your diary or just keep it to yourself.

5. The location of your picture is more important than the picture itself.

The caption of your picture describes your post, however the location feature gives you additional free reign to get creative.  This part of your post gives you the option to type in the inside joke, song, or just whatever creative location your heart desires (and wants everyone else to see.)  


6. Don’t discuss politics… probably ever.

There is a time and place for politics and for most people, Facebook is just not one of them.  Facebook rants typically lead to arguments and normally end up with an unfollow or unfriend on my end. If someone doesn’t care about politics or has a different opinion than you, an opinion-filled post probably isn’t going to change that.

7. Keep your relationship drama off Facebook.

We all know those couples that post every argument on social media and slash it out over the site. As fascinating as it can be to watch a fight unfold, nobody really wants the display—especially when it gets repetitive.  In all reality, nobody needs to know what goes on in your relationship so save the drama for a text or phone call.

Grab the popcorn people!

8. #nofilter only when there really is no filter used.

Whether it’s a selfie, your plate of food, or the beautiful scenery you saw on your way home from class, putting no filter next to a clearly filtered picture is just something you shouldn’t do. People will probably call you out, or just laugh at the caption and picture you’ve worked so hard to filter.

…and those versions include sepia, x-pro ii and valencia

9. Hide your freshman year album from all your relatives.

This is a given.  All those drinking pictures and ratchet nights that you just HAVE to share with your friends should be hidden from all your senior Facebook friends (and not to mention future employers). By hiding them, you can prevent that one aunt from commenting and liking every single photo you post, and what is better that that? 

If you get caught violating these social media rules, it isn’t the end of the world, but in general, try to avoid these unwritten rules of the social media world. You can thank me later.

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