Top places to visit at the Dane Count Farmer’s Market

The Dane County Farmer’s market is one of Madison, Wisconsin’s prized possessions. Located by the momentous Capitol building, local residents and UW students pride themselves in the Saturday morning seasonal ritual. They key to properly navigating the farmer’s market is knowing all the hot spots. Here are some of the best places to visit at the Dane County Farmer’s Market before it closes in November:

1. Stella’s

Infamously known for its hot and spicy cheesy bread, Stella’s is a MUST on the agenda. The savory sweet combination will leave you looping around the Capitol and coming back for more. You better hurry, though; the area surrounding this farmer’s market favorite is always chaotic!

2. Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin

If you go to UW, you probably are a cheese addict (how could you not be!?).From traditional flavors such as cheddar to specialties like pizza and jalapeño, Brunknow Cheese of Wisconsin offers a little taste of everything. Mouthwatering samples are always available for trying and buying.​

3. The Country Bakers from Goose Gluth Farmstead

Wondering how to cure your sweet tooth? Check out The Country Bakers! The Country Bakers offer a wide variety of pastries including cream cheese and chocolate chip bread, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, donuts and cherry oat bars. Sounds a lot better than Halloween candy, doesn’t it?

4. Renaissance Farm Spring Green, WI

Renaissance Farm’s is the premiere spot to pick up fun and flavorful foods. With a wide selection of naturally made pestos, olive oils, and vinaigrettes, Renaissance Farms rightfully earns its award-winning artisanal food producing title.

5. Modern Orchard and Nursery

Nothing says fall like red apples, and no drink tastes better than apple cider! Modern Orchard Nursery is the perfect place to eat your fall favorites.
6. Pecatonica Valley Farms

If you want some good treats for your BBQ or tailgate party, check out Pecatonica Valley Farms. Brats, chicken, and pork are just some of many delicious meats you can buy!
7. Bonde Bee

If you want a taste of some sweet honey, be sure to visit Bonde Bee. Free samples are always available, and the little bears filled with honey are too adorable to resist.​
The farmers market is a great place to visit with friends and family. Go as soon as you can before it closes. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!