Top 7 Reasons to Look Forward to Snow in Madison

The first snowfall of the season is always exciting. The first snowfall in Madison, however, is that much more thrilling. On a college campus that offers so much in the summer, it’s hard to believe that students get the chills (literally) when flakes begin to trickle down. Here are the top seven reasons why we look forward to snow in Madison.

  1. Winter apparel

The first snowfall marks the acceptable date to bring out the snow boots and parkas. You can finally whip out your adorable hats, scarves, and gloves while trekking through a winter wonderland.

  1. Lazy days

Nothing feels better than curling up in bed while watching snow fall from the sky. Reading a good book or watching a classic movie is the perfect thing to do when snowed in.

  1. Snowball fights

Everyone looks forward to the infamous snowball fight on Bascom. Laughing and running while fellow students throw snowballs at one another is part of what makes Madison so special. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll build a snowman mid fight.

  1. Picture perfect moments

In a day and age where social media consumes most aspects of everyday life, any beautiful moment is an excuse to post to different outlets. The brightly lit, snow-filled city is sure to be a picture perfect moment.

  1. The lake

Wisconsin is known for its lakes and the many outdoor activities available on the water. When snow is falling and the lakes are freezing, the lakes are just as pleasant. Whether you go out on the lakes to play ice hockey, build a snowman, or just snap a few pictures, you will always have a good time!

  1. Hope for a snow day

People are pros at clearing the snow in Wisconsin and, therefore, the possibility of cancelled classes is about zero to none. But when the flakes are falling, it’s the one time us students can hope and pray for a snow day. You might as well still stick your spoon under your pillow and put underwear on your head—who knows what might happen!

  1. One step closer to spring

Sure, the winter is wonderful, but sometimes it just gets a little too cold. Snow signifies that winter is taking its course, and spring is on the horizon. Get ready to lay out on the terrace!

While the snow might sometimes be burdensome, it is important to take advantage of everything Madison has to offer when the streets are buried. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!