Top 3 Haunted Houses In The Area


It’s spooky season, that means that everyone is on the hunt for the best places to get their scare on! The Madison area is home to many haunted houses that are perfect for all Halloween lovers. Here are the top three haunted houses in the area (not in order) for you to try this Halloween!


1. Screamin Acres

The first spooky place to enjoy during October is Screamin Acres. Screamin Acres is located in Stoughton Wisconsin which is a convenient 18 minutes outside of campus. It has been ranked the number one haunted house for three years in a row. If you choose to visit this location, you will be given the option of four attractions with your purchase of 1 ticket. The four attractions include The Slaughter Haus, Crawl Space, The Last Resort and Side Effects. At The Slaughter Haus, you will be treated like an animal, and they will make sure to separate the weak from the strong. At Crawl Space, you will have to find your way out of tight situations while being faced with monsters. At The Last Resort, you will see yourself interacting with the most twisted personalities in Mississippi. Finally, in Side Effects, you will be put in a crazy 3D experience like never before!


2. Wisconsin Scaryland

BOO! You’ve made it to the second option for your spooky adventures. This option is Wisconsin Scaryland located in Waunakee which is 18 minutes north of campus. It holds the title of Wisconsin’s only professional haunted house. This haunted house is in the abandoned gas station and meat processing plant. The walkthrough includes going through a haunted hotel, a mineshaft and a carnival of the damned. This haunted house also contains some creepy history that adds to the adventure.


3. Schuster's Haunted Forest

The final option on our top three haunted houses in the Madison area is Schuster’s Haunted Forest. Schuster’s Haunted Forest is located in Deerfield which is about 22 minutes from campus. This haunted forest is meant to be scary and interactive for all teens and adults. It takes roughly 40-60 minutes to get through the whole forest, and it includes some sections that are completely dark.


Take your masks out, get your pumpkins carved and enjoy this spooky season for all it encompasses. Hopefully, these haunted houses will let you indulge in your spooky inner desires and make this Halloween season even better! Have a spooky Halloween!