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These 10 steps will prepare you for the holiday.

I know you may be thinking, ”How is it already Hanukkah season when it’s not even Halloween?” Well, if we have learned one thing from these past couple years, it’s that Hanukkah keeps coming earlier and earlier every year. With Hanukkah season already upon us, these are the best ways to get in the festive spirit. 

1. Pick out your Hanukkah Bush

Much easier to dispose of than those giant cumbersome Christmas trees.

2. Visit your local mall “Hanukkah Henry”

This is achieved by putting a dreidel into the hands of the local mall Santa Claus.

3. Put up Hanukkah lights 

See number eight.

4. Purchase a ugly Hanukkah sweater

These usually exist in the clearance section with the out-of-season Halloween items.

5. Solely listen to Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song 

The only correct way to prepare for the Hanukkah season is to listen to this song on repeat. 

6. Play Spin the Dreidel

Pro tip: Make sure you print out the game rules.

7. Make latkes

The fried potatoes really make you feel more connected to an authentic American celebration.

8. Find your menorah

Browse the aisles for the token menorah display.

9. Purchase gifts

By buying gifts for Hanukkah you beat the Christmas gift shopping rush.

10. Mark your calendar for Hanukkah

Because the holiday changes its day every year, you are going to have to figure out for yourself when Hanukkah is because I guarantee nobody else is going to know. 

I hope you are now equipped with 10 ways to at least pretend to think about celebrating Hanukkah this holiday season. Don’t forget this year the highly anticipated festival of lights begins on Sunday, December 18th. Merry Christmas!

Grace Winokur

Wisconsin '26

University of Wisconsin 2026, communication arts major and self-proclaimed coffee snob.