A Timeline of Ariana Grande as a Girl Power Icon

*Sigh* It seems like just yesterday that we were eagerly turning on the TV after hastily finishing our long division homework to watch the ditzy redhead with the breathtaking voice sing "Give It Up" on Nickelodeon's Victorious. Even when playing Cat on the show, Ariana Grande maintained a confident demeanor with strong vocals to back it up. It's no secret that the singer has been through her fair share of personal setbacks, yet she continues to empower her female fans, capturing listeners with her feminist messages.

2009-2012: The Victorious YearsWhile her hair color and outfit choices were…well, different, Grande displayed a flamboyant personality that exuded spirit and determination. Her time on the Nickelodeon show began her career as an inspiring actress and singer.

2013-2015: Yours Truly and My EverythingYours Truly is an album equally as heart-wrenching as it is empowering. While most of the songs from this album are about the complexity of love, Grande stands behind her emotions, singing “I could be wrong, but I know I'm right/ We gon' be lost if we continue to fight,” in her song “Honeymoon Avenue.” My Everything, on the other hand, really cranks up the feelings of confidence that were missing in Yours Truly. Collaborating with other artists like Iggy Azalea, The Weeknd and Big Sean, Grande is extremely empowering towards women in her messages, with lyrics like “I only want to die alive/Never by the hands of a broken heart/I don't wanna hear you lie tonight/Now that I've become who I really am,” from one of her most popular songs “Break Free.” It’s clear that Grande is still experimenting with her style in these albums — with a Broadway and Nickelodeon background, it’s likely that she struggled to figure out what her unique sound would be.

2016-2017: Dangerous Woman

This album is arguably her best one yet, and the song she named it after is truly iconic. The songs in Dangerous Woman scream confidence as Grande strays from her ballads and orchestra-heavy songs and creates bolder beats, giving us women exactly what we want to hear! Her overall message of female power remains unwaning, with lyrics like “nothing to prove and I'm bulletproof” and “know what I'm doing” from “Dangerous Woman.”

2018/2019: Sweetener + Thank U, Next

These two albums are the rawest we’ve seen Grande. In Sweetener, she’s transparent about her relationship with Pete Davidson (she even named a song after him!), the passing of her grandmother and the bombing that occurred during one of her concerts in Manchester. In Thank U, Next, listeners get an inside look at Grande’s personal life after the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. These albums are so powerful because they show her resilience through major obstacles. What makes her a girl power icon in these two albums is her ability to be vulnerable and demonstrate talent despite setbacks.

What’s next: Boyfriend, Don’t Call Me Angel, Monopoly

Grande continues to release singles, collaborating with her close friend and artist Victoria Monet and other female power icons, like Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey (I mean, can you think of a more powerful trio?) Music-wise, Grande is doing what she wants after finishing her Thank U, Next tour, but she will undoubtedly continue to come out with more amazing music and remain a strong icon for female power.