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Things No One Wants to See On Social Networks

1. Dead serious seflies
?Okay, let’s admit it, selfies are fun. When you might be not-so-sober, or feeling silly, occasional selfies are totally acceptable. But c’mon people, if you’re posting a new duck-face or cheesin’-too-hard selfie once a week, I will save you the humiliation and notify you to stop – now. Please.?

2. Pictures of mediocre looking food?
Yes, we are all indeed chefs these days with the joys of Pintrest and Instagram to get great ideas and make them look oh so delicious. But unless you have made a cake that is an exact replica of your dog, take it easy posting every meal you make yourself that isn’t a Hot Pocket or a bowl of cereal: you aren’t impressing anyone.?

3. Over-played song lyrics
?We hear this enough on the radio and at frat parties. Even if we don’t want to, we know the lyrics, so there’s no need to post them along with 300 of your other friends. Let’s put an end to this.?

4. Complaining about work?
You have a job! Be grateful! If it really is another form of hell, quit, and stop bitching to all of us on the computer about how bad it sucks.?

5. Whining about your girlfriend/boyfriend?
You guys are dating, right? Stop putting personal issues online and confront your significant other in a mature way. Posting virtual grievances will do you no good, unless you are dating Smarterchild. ?

6. Lovey-dovey bullshit?
Us single people don’t like seeing your love juice splattered all over our social networks. Honestly, I don’t think I’d like seeing it even if I was in a relationship. It’s just unnecessary and, frankly, a bit juvenile. ?

7. Subtweeting/posting?
Although it may seem as if all your friends and followers are so concerned with whomever your last “you’ve changed” or “what a skank” post is intended to devastate – nope, wrong. We don’t care.?

8. Anything that has to do with your last break-up
?We get it, you’re sad. Understandable. But posting about how sad you are and how much of a douche bag your old “soul-mate” is, isn’t helping you get over them, is it? Deal with this issue outside of the virtual world, por favor.

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