Things College Girls Still Ask Their Moms

Starting college means becoming an adult, gaining your independence, and unfortunately, not living under the same roof as your mother. We think we are all grown up, but then we realize maybe we aren’t as grown up as we thought. When it comes to our moms, we are never too old to ask for a little advice, because when it comes to job interviews or how to thaw a chicken, mom really does know best.

1. What’s credit? Do I have credit? Do you have credit? Can I borrow some of your credit?

2. How do I register to vote? Who should I vote for? Who are you voting for?

3. How do I make a doctor’s appointment? Can you just do it for me?

4. Did I fill out this check correctly? Which line do I sign my name on?

5. *Sends picture of weird illness* What is this? What is wrong with me?

6. Can I wash a cashmere sweater that says dry clean only? 7. What’s my social security number?

8. Can I have your credit card number? I know it’s only for emergencies but it’s an emergency I need new shoes.

9. What should I order for dinner?

10. Can you edit my paper?

11. Can I mix antibiotics and alcohol?

12. Can you edit my résumé? Will you actually just write it for me? On second thought,  can you just go to the job interview for me?

13. Do I have insurance?

14. What’s your Netflix password? What about your abc.go password?

15. How do I cook chicken? How do I know when it’s done cooking?16. Can I eat this if it expired three days ago?

17. Do I need the flu shot? How about the meningitis shot?

18. Will you still love me if I fail my test?

19. How often do I have to change my sheets? Is it gross if I haven’t changed them in four weeks?

20. What would I do without you?

In the end, there is really no way we can thank you enough for putting up with all our stupid, mindless, and annoying questions. I think it is safe to say we all owe our moms a huge thank you for always being there. To all the moms out there, we love you!