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TEDx Videos to Watch and Learn From

TEDx talks are a great to watch if you’re looking for something that inspires and educates. Speakers from all different disciplines, such as modeling, acting and writing, share their insights on wide range of topics that they would like the world to pay attention to. I often enjoy watching these TEDx talks, especially when I need to relax from studying for midterms. Here are some TEDx talk videos you should consider watching.


1. “Plus-size? More Like My Size by Ashley Graham

Many of us know Ashley Graham as a body positivity activist and plus-size supermodel. I love how Graham started off her talk by saying “you are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful” to herself in the mirror. She even comments on her cellulite, back fat and thighs. She emphasizes loving yourself and being proud of the body that you are in — clearly a message worth paying attention to.


2. Ending the Pursuit of Perfection by Iskra Lawrence

Lawrence is one of our fave Aerie models and #AeriesREAL role models. She talks about the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. She reminds us all that self-care is for everyone. This TEDx talk will give you insight into some self-care techniques that you can use on yourself.


3. The Wait is Sexy by Yvonne Orji

“You can’t date until you’re married.” Most first generation Nigerian can 100-percent relate to this sentence. Orji talks about being a virgin at 33 years old and still waiting for the right man for her. This is a very refreshing thing to hear, especially with the college dating culture of hooking ups; sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge that it’s worth waiting for the right one. If you’re a virgin or waiting for the one, this TEDx video will be a great confidence booster for you.


4. My Story is Painted on my Body by Chantelle Brown-Young

Diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 4, Chantelle has been bullied because her looks her whole life. But sucks for the haters, she’s now breaking grounds in the fashion industry. She’s able to use her skin condition to create a platform that reaches people who may be going through what she did. One thing you will take away from this talk is that there’s beauty in everything. We shouldn’t be ashamed of what makes us different. Instead, we should let our differences radiate with confidence — it’s exactly what makes us unique.


5.  Become who you really are by Andrea Pennington

Many of us have yet to be empowered with an opportunity that allows us to become who we really are. We may be hiding behind a mask or doing something that we aren’t happy with. This TEDx talk will make you actually look deep into yourself and your actions; it will help you figure out if you are who you want to be, or are in need of a shift in direction.


These TEDx talk videos have influenced some of the things that I’ve done in my life. As you take out time to watch these talks, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Cynthia Ubah grew up in Maryland. She is attending University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing International Studies with a certificate in Global Health and East Asian Studies. She hopes to work and live in South Korea for a few years. If you are looking for someone to watch Korean drama with or listen to Kpop, she is your girl. Her interests are God, cooking, hangout with friends, reading books, learning Korean, and fashion. Check out her blog at https://mylifeinthemoments.wixsite.com/mysite .
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