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Taco Bell is Coming to Downtown Madison

Anyone who has strolled along State Street recently has certainly noticed a big, red gap — the empty spot of what was the beloved Wendy’s.

Since Wendy’s left campus, we’ve all been left wondering: what’s next? Is the next restaurant that opens going to satisfy those late night drunchies like Wendy’s did?

No need to fear, the newest addition to State Street will exceed those late night drunken expectations. It’s Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is known worldwide for their subpar Americanized Mexican food. Their meat might not be totally real and their shells might be a little soggy; but Taco Bell has somehow become a fast food staple among teenagers.

It’s been awhile since there was a Taco Bell in walking distance for Badgers. But that’s all about to change on Dec. 15. When Taco Bell finally arrives, the late night food scene will be forever changed. While Qdoba is nearby, the cheap dollar menu that Taco Bell offers will certainly draw in the crowd.

The State Street Taco Bell is going to be offering something that is not available in most other Taco Bells you have seen before: an alcoholic beverage menu.

While an alcoholic menu might not seem like a good choice after a long night out, it will probably sound good on a really hot day, when you’re craving an alcoholic slushie. The alcoholic menu might be just what Taco Bell needs — it’s a reason for people to stop in and get food before 10 p.m.

With a menu filled with tacos, nachos and crunch wraps, it’s going to be hard to walk by after every night out. While Taco Bell has already come and gone on State, maybe this one will finally stay.

The opening of Taco Bell can only make us say one thing…

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