Sue Sylvester is Pure Chaos and I Love Her

I know I am not the only one addicted to Tik Tok, and recently my “For You” page has been full of some absolutely fire Glee Tik Toks that brought me back to a dark time in 8th grade where I was obsessed with the show. Sue Sylvester is obviously a legend, so I thought I would share some of my favorite Sue Sylvester moments. 

  1. 1. Sue’s Path of Destruction 

    When Sue doesn’t get her way, she has a tendency to destroy everything in her path. One of the most iconic moments is when she goes on a path of destruction because Principal Figgins tells her she cannot fire Britney out of a cannon. 

  2. 2. I Still Believe/ Super Bass

    Sue starts a feud with Blaine when she demands that he perform for the Cheerios and he refuses. She puts cement in his hair gel, ruins his credit and finally challenges him to a sing-off to end the feud. Obviously, Sue wins with her iconic performance of Superbass. 

  3. 3. Sue Marries Herself

    I’m not sure there is anything more iconic than Sue marrying herself. When faced with the prospect of dying alone, Sue tries online dating, only to come to the realization that there is only one match for Sue Sylvester, one Sue Slyvester. 

  4. 4.  Committing Sue-icide

    While suicide jokes are not funny, and this is definitely a time when Glee has crossed the line, this scene is just so...Sue. Not only does she call it sue-icide, but she tries to overdose on gummy vitamins. She also says, “ I just stopped my own heart, That’s my CIA training” which raises so many questions. 

  5. 5. Queen of Insults

    Almost everything that comes out of Sue Slyvester’s mouth is hilariously savage and cruel. Her insults are perfectly crafted and are the best part of the show.    

Sue Sylvester is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. In a show full of cringe, her evil chaos feels almost appropriate. Her passion for destroying the glee club and cleverness is what makes the show great.