The Struggles of Living at Home for the Summer

After many days of living on our own, the summer months are upon us when many will be enjoying the next three months in our college towns with all the perks but none of the homework. Then there are some who won’t be lucky enough to soak in all the independence the warm days offer, but instead will be heading home to work at their well-paying job, or to save a little extra cash for next year. For anyone who has experienced this, it is easy to relate to the struggles that come with going home for the summer.

1. Mom telling you to clean your room over and over again

2. A curfew

When did 3:30am become an unacceptable time to stroll in?

3. A chore list a page long

4. Inability to come home tipsy

5. Missing your college friends

6. Boredom…pure boredom

…you mean work isn’t a kind of social life?

7. Being asked what you are doing 24/7

8. Seeing people from your high school that you would rather not see ever again

9. Frustration of going back significantly in the amount of freedoms you had a month ago

10. Ongoing questions of what are you doing with your life from parents, family friends, and even people you don't know

11. Not being allowed to have more than two friends over without permission

12. Lack of privacy…in all aspects of your life

13. Driving your siblings around

14. You can’t sleep till noon

Although there are some annoyances that come with revoking freedoms, we know all too well that going home for the summer means for many positives as well. Whatever your plan is, make the most of it before you head back to the grind in the fall!