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The Struggles of Changing Your Major

As freshmen, some of us come to Madison thinking that we know exactly who we want to be and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We come in with a set group of clubs that we want to join, set classes that we’re going to take, and a set major. The problem is that we come in with a plan, but we don’t really anticipate that plan to change. In reality, that’s not the case, especially when it comes to having the same major for all four years. Changing majors is something that many students go through, but that definitely doesn’t make it easy. Here are the struggles of changing your major, as told by Kim K:

  1. Realizing the amount of time you wasted pursuing something that you don’t actually want to do.
  1. Having to reconfigure your whole four-year plan.               

  1. Having to apply to a program or a different program to be able to get the degree you want.

  1. Thoughts like, “I have how many more classes to take in order to just get the basic requirements for this program?”

  1. Realizing that your newly-joined professional student organizations don’t actually match up with your newly-intended major.
  1. Being able to be completely confident with your decision.

As difficult and frustrating as it is to change your major, hundreds of students do the same at least once throughout their college career, so you’re not alone. Just know that if you’re changing your mind, there is probably a good reason!

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