Stocked Foods: The Answer to Getting Healthy, Homecooked Meals at College

Whether they’re bound to campus dining services or they have 30 minutes to whip up dinner, college students encounter all kinds of obstacles when trying to eat balanced and healthy. From the high cost of fresh food or limited nutritional information, the challenges of eating healthy in college are innumerous. We all often find ourselves sighing something along the lines of, “Ugh if only I was at home, I would be eating so much healthier.” The good news? Stocked Foods may be the answer to all of your problems.



Stocked Foods is a healthy and nutritious food service that was started by chef Geoff Felsenthal of Chicago, Illinois. Geoff has been in the restaurant business for approximately 40 years, accomplishing everything from being the head chef at one of Chicago’s most notable fine dining restaurants, Charlie Trotters, to instructing as a culinary teacher at the Illinois Institute of Art.

It all started when his son, Charlie Felsenthal, was a junior in college and moved into a house with ten other boys. Being the typical college students that they were, they often consumed large quantities of food but didn’t want or have the time to spend shopping for groceries and cooking food. Geoff began sending up freezer packed prepared foods that were healthy and substantial. He sent up everything from sauces to meats to soups to breads and just about everything in between. This offered Charlie and his friends a way to prepare food in a timely manner that was healthy, substantial, and HOME COOKED.

Stocked Foods is a nutritious food service that allows consumers to purchase home cooked foods that provides them with a complete meal. All you have to do is fill out an order form for the food you want—whether that means meats, breads, soups, desserts, grains… it’s all up to you—and submit it! It is as simple as that, and before you know it, you’ll have healthy, fresh, nutritious food right at your doorstep. Awesome, right? Stocked Foods delivers an easy-to-execute meal right to your fridge.  

No more complaining about the time it takes to cook or how hard it is to be healthy because Stocked Foods has your back (but really your stomach). Stocked Foods should be ready to accept orders within the next couple weeks, and we here at Her Campus will keep you updated. Happy eating and enjoy!