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Whether you are traveling south to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and warm weather, or just staying home to relax with a stress free week, we all have things to look forward to about spring break. Here are the top 5 things we are all excited for this spring break.

Going to the Beach

There are so many things to anticipate if you are planning a trip to the beach. There is nothing like getting some natural sunlight and bringing home a bronze tan to show off. Right after a lengthy snooze on the beach, or a hot game of beach volleyball, a nice dip in the ocean can’t be skipped. In general, looking forward to some great weather after walking to class in below zero temperatures is something we will all be doing. 

Ultra Music Festival

Can I just say this is the most anticipated Music Festival of spring break. If you are into EDM and going to Florida, you are not passing this up. Ultra had to be on the list for this reason. There are too many people counting down the days for this not to make the list. Some people save up the whole year just to afford the weekend trip. So if you are one with a ticket, try not to drive yourself insane from the anxiety.  


If you are going south… be safe. You will be experiencing some unreal parties, especially if you are “legal.” You are undoubtedly already picturing in your head that cute someone that you are bound to meet… Don’t forget about all the Pina Coladas you will be sipping on and tequila shots you will be downing! For everyone not going south, remember: you are still in Madison, aka the #1 party school. Anticipate actually being able to enjoy walking around to different bars and parties. Plus, who isn’t just excited to get drunk yet again?

No School

This is a huge one! We all need a break from the responsibilities of life, the ability to sleep in and then wake up to no responsibilities. For some people, this could be a chance to get caught up in time missed at the gym, or all those Netflix shows you have been dying to binge watch. Your brain is looking forward to being an illiterate entity for a week, unless of course you are binge reading your favorite series.   

Going Home

This one is for those of you not going anywhere and taking your life back to its roots. Maybe you will see some old friends, embrace your long loved pet, or catch up with your loving family. For some of us, we look forward to seeing our long distance boyfriend or girlfriend. This can sometimes be the one thing to keep our mind sane for that week of midterm hell leading up to spring break.  

Hopefully I haven’t completely ruined your day by preoccupying you with all the things that will happen when spring break comes around. Work hard now, and keep spring break in your head as a checkpoint. No matter how you end up spending your one week of freedom, let it be everything you wish it to be!  

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