Spooktacular Jack-O-Lanterns

Carving a pumpkin is a favorite fall activity for many, including myself. A lit up jack-o-lantern is one of the most iconic decorations of Halloween. Pumpkin carvings can be simple or intricate, creepy or cute — it's whatever you decide. Some of these pumpkins go beyond your classic carvings, take a look for yourself and see what others have come up with.


Creepy Carvings!

This one will give you chills down your spine. It’s like zipper face — but worse!

Not only is zipper face a cool addition to costumes, it also makes for a wicked carving. Not all pumpkin carvings need to go through the entire shell, carving just the outside looks just as cool.

Evil pumpkins looking like they’re up to no good.

This is arguably the scariest pumpkin on the internet.


Cool Carvings!

Carving only the top layer of pumpkins gives more depth than cutting it all away. This pumpkin gives off a unique, artistic glow. If you have some time on your hands, try this one! If you can master the art of pumpkin carving like this, you could start a business — I would buy cool pumpkins like this!

Poking Christmas lights through pumpkins makes them look like porcupines — how cute!

Carving this face on a pineapple makes it so much scarier.


Brainiac Carvings!

I could use brains like this for midterms.

Carving this pumpkin would be a piece of pi!

Ten points for Gryffindor for this pumpkin carving! May the force be with you.


Funny Carvings!

Typical Saturday morning in good ole’ Madtown.

As if anyone wants to remember the braces days. 

The carving technique is quite simple for this one, just add some other pieces to make it look “extra”.

If you’re not an artist, or you're feeling a tad lazy, this is the perfect design for you.


Animal Carvings!

Carve your spirit animal, and let it shine!

This looks like a painted portrait. If you’ve got the time, carve your favorite pet!

Drilling holes and doing a simple outline can yield the cutest outcome! Drilling designs into a pumpkin would be a lot quicker than using a knife. If you’re short on time, bring out your toolbox.

Happy Howlween!  


Grab a pumpkin (or a pineapple), and carve away! My tip to accomplishing the detailed carvings without having any artistic talent is to use stencils. Tape a piece paper with the design outline onto the pumpkin and trace away. Get creative or stay simple, all pumpkins look great once you put lights inside it. Have a spooktacular Halloween!