Sorting the Friends Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses

The four Hogwarts houses are always a testament to one’s personality, motifs and behaviors. For those of you who aren’t familiar, those four houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. These houses are a way to represent your personality and basically brand yourself in the wizard world. Here’s a list of which houses the core group of Friends characters would be placed in based on their character development on the show.

  1. 1. Monica: Slytherin

    Slytherin is not necessarily a bad house to be in and it’s the one that most represents Monica. She's known for her cunning and ambitious attitude toward everything; she’ll never settle for anything less than winning. She’s shown her determination and resourcefulness many times in the show, like when she basically flipped an apartment all by herself. She’s also shown her leadership  from her job as a chef to always being the hostess.

  2. 2. Phoebe: Ravenclaw

    Ravenclaws are distinctly known for their intelligence, but that intelligence comes in all different forms. Phoebe is always looking at the world through her own point of view, thinking beyond what is in front of her. She’s also one of the most creative ones of the group, which is a notable Ravenclaw trait. Her creativity is seen through her personal style and musicality. Not only that, but Phoebe is always giving advice to all her friends and serves as their support system. She’s displayed wisdom in her own original way and has so many witty one-liners throughout the series.

  3. 3. Joey: Hufflepuff

    Joey would definitely be sorted into Hufflepuff. As a struggling actor in New York, Joey had to show a lot of hard work and patience. He stayed true to his career path which eventually led to serious roles and movies. He’s also the most loyal and kind to his friends and always stayed by their side throughout the series. He’s kind of like the cheerleader of the group — always supporting the achievements and events in his friends’ lives. Joey is always thinking of the good of the group and wanting to keep that bond going.

  4. 4. Chandler: Hufflepuff

    This was definitely the most difficult to sort since Chandler possesses a little of each house's qualities. However, Chandler would fit best in Hufflepuff with his best friend and former roommate Joey. Like Joey, Chandler has always been loyal to his friends and later on, his wife Monica. He’s even been Ross’ best friend since college. That takes some serious loyalty considering they were also roommates. He’s also supported every endeavor each of his friends took. For example, he was the biggest supporter of Joey’s acting career. But, Chandler is definitely most known to lighten the mood with his witty jokes. Lastly, Chandler has shown a Hufflepuff’s hard work and patience through his job in statistical analysis and data recognition, which was a job he notably disliked throughout the series.

  5. 5. Ross: Ravenclaw

    It’s strange that Ross and Phoebe would be in the same house considering that they are opposites, but it seems like this would be the case. Ross is the obvious intellect of the group since he is a paleontologist and professor. He’s always in search for learning new information and is passionate about his studies. He values academics and, for the most part, is grounded in rationality and logic. There’s honestly no other perfect fit for Ross than the academically driven Ravenclaw.

  6. 6. Rachel: Gryffindor

    Lastly, Rachel belongs in none other than Gryffindor. Throughout the series, she has constantly showed her courage and bravery. She’s had the most apparent character development starting as the helpless, rich girl and ending as a successful, independent woman. Right from the start, she had to courage to run out on her wedding and live her life her way. Even though living on her own for the first time was tough, she had the determination and nerve to face the unknown. Through working as a waitress, she eventually landed her dream job while being a mom. Rachel is definitely the go-getter type and isn’t afraid to overcome obstacles.

It’s clear that each of the Friends characters have distinct personalities and they all wouldn’t even end up in the same Hogwarts house together. However, the different personalities all balance each other out. You always need that friend who will push you to be your best, challenge you, support you or give you their honest advice. Even though they are each uniquely different, when they're together, they form the strongest bond of friendship anyone has seen. It’s those traits from each Hogwarts house that make up a lifelong friend group.