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Songs That Give Off The Same Energy As Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’

Olivia Rodrigo has risen to the top of the charts within the past month as well as has captured our hearts during her rise. The lyrics of this masterpiece have us screaming at the top of our lungs in the car, shower, at 3AM, at 3PM and sometimes for me, even during my zoom calls. While the song has been, and still will be, playing on repeat for the next couple weeks or so, here is a list of songs that match the same energy of ‘Drivers License’ that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs the next time you’re in your feels.

Erin Bloomer’s ‘Second Best’

Both Rodrigo’s and Bloomer’s songs aren’t just for the broken hearted, but for anyone who enjoys belting emotional songs at the top of their lungs. The build up to the bridges are similar in both songs, and the emotional vulnerability that underlies the lyrics in both are unmatched. Bloomer’s song is a bit more aggressive towards the guy the song is seemingly directed at, so if you’re feeling a little angry with your sadness, this song is for you. My favorite line from Bloomer’s song is, “I think it’s really funny how you spend more time telling me to get over it than the time you’ll ever spend getting over it.”

Fletcher’s ‘All Love’

Fletcher is one of my favorite artists of all time, and I love her so much that I even got to watch her live a couple of years ago. Her song ‘All Love’ tells the story of a heartbroken ex seeing her former lover in public for the first time with their new significant other. The chorus to this song is one of the best out there, so get ready to be singing this at the top of your lungs from the very first note.

Niykee Heaton’s ‘Bad Guy’

This song is one that I’ve been listening to for a long time, and if I’m being honest with you all, it’s one that’s been on my playlist since my very first heartbreak. Niykee Heaton’s ‘Bad Guy’ is a timeless masterpiece that beautifully describes the emotions so many of us have felt when going through a breakup where our (former) significant other feels the need to place all the blame on us. While the lyrics and message of the song may vary from ‘Drivers License’, the emotions and vibes you’ll feel while listening to it are close to the same.

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’

It only seems fitting to put Olivia’s idol’s song on the list. Not that this song needs any sort of explanation as it’s been the go-to ballad of millions of heartbroken girls for years, the bridge of ‘All Too Well’ is maybe the only one that rivals Rodrigo’s new hit. 

Tommy Boi’s ‘You Never Called Back’

If I could explain the connection between ‘Drivers License’ and Tommy Boi’s ‘You Never Called Back’ I would do it by saying two words: empty promises. The two songs might be the most similar of the bunch yet. Both songs describe what someone’s first love, or rather, first heartbreak feels like. My favorite line from the song has to be, “You talked so big like you had big plans. Why’d you throw it all away?”

Emily Burns and JP Cooper ‘Is It Just Me?’

I like to think of ‘Is It Just Me’ by Emily Burns and JP Cooper as ‘Drivers License’ big sister. The song fits the theme of right person, wrong time, and how, no matter how long ago a heartbreak happened, some wounds just don’t heal all the way. Burns and Cooper’s voices are the perfect match and they both simultaneously have us staring off into the distance thinking about the past while also singing this song at maximum volume (if that’s even possible!), and if you really want to tug at the heart string, check out their acoustic version.

One Direction’s ‘More Than This’

As a One Direction stan, I just had to throw in at least one 1D tune. While there’s numerous songs that the boys have put out that share similar energies to Olivia’s song, ‘More Than This’ is one that I always catch myself singing when I’m in my feels. While it’s easy to get lost in the sound of the boy’s angelic voices, when you look at the lyrics, it’s pretty easy to connect the similarities between this song and ‘Drivers License.’ 

Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’

This ones for all my country fans out there. A pretty popular tune itself, ‘Girl Crush’ by Little Big Town is extremely similar to the ‘Drivers License’ in the sense that both songs discuss the feeling of not being good enough for the one you love. It even mentions a ‘long-blonde haired’ girl just like ‘Drivers License.’

LANY’s ‘Thick and Thin’

Another longtime personal favorite of mine is LANY’s ‘Thick and Thin’. LANY is known for its intense ballads that scream heartbreak, and this song was no different. Paul Klein’s voice mixed with the beautiful instrumental music behind him is enough to make anyone feel emotional. The lyric, ‘But was it really love if you can leave me for something so innocent’ gets me every time. I highly recommend this as the next song to blare in your room at 3AM, and make sure to check out all of their music. They’ve got a song for almost every heartache scenario.

Grace Carter’s ‘Silence’

Saving what might be the most emotional song for last is Grace Carter’s ‘Silence’. Carter is one of the best singers ever, in my opinion, and she really knows how to get our tears flowing. While her voice is more powerful than Olivia’s and the song might have a slightly different meaning, the same remains true for this song as it does for Drivers License: heartbreaks are the worst when you feel as though closure has not been made. 

Wow! What a rollercoaster of emotions that list took us through. I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t say I was in my feelings writing this article, because I am. While these 10 songs are a great place to start for finding music that matches the same level of talent, emotion and overall energy to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License,’ it certainly isn’t the whole list. Unfortunately for the artists, but not so unfortunate for us, there never seems to be a shortage of heartbreak songs hitting the charts, so this list is just the start. 

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