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Say Farewell To Uggs

The temperatures are cooling and “Uggs season” has officially arrived. Paired with it’s trusty sidekicks – The North Face fleece and leggings – many girls on campus can be seen in this oh, so typical ensemble.

I will be the first to admit and say this, but I think Uggs are hideous, extremely hideous.

Honestly, I think it’s time to let them go (for the most part). They make your feet look like blobby puddles of dough! They’re far from the cutest pair of shoes you own – I hope – so taking them out of the rotation shouldn’t be too difficult. More so, Uggs easily ruin any and all outfits. There’s been so many times on campus where I see a well-dressed girl, only to have ruined her cute outfit by wearing Uggs.

I’ll admit, they’re fine to wear lounging around your house or during snowstorms because, well, they’re super comfortable and warm. But other than that I just see them as a cry for help. 

If comfort and warm are what you’re after, then consider riding boots. They add such a polished look to an outfit.

Say no to Uggs this season. It’s time for Uggs to bid their farewell. 

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