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Sarah Paulson continues to amaze her fans with each of her acting roles, perfectly portraying each character that she is casted into. Starting in Broadway shows, she soon made her way onto the screen in TV shows and movies, and soon became a well-known actress through her horror and drama roles in the recent hit TV show American Horror Story and the brand new Netflix original series, Ratched.

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Paulson spent most of her childhood in New York City, and then moved to Manhattan to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the High School for Performing Arts. She first started her career as a Broadway actress, and soon got her first debut on air in a guest shot on NBC’s Law & Order in 1990. She has landed roles in American Gothic (1995), Jack and Jill (1999) and more. In 2018, she played a role in the heist-comedy, Ocean’s 8. Her two most well known roles have to be the two drama/horror shows: American Horror Story and the new show on Netflix: Ratched. This profound actress has received multiple awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. In 2017, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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One of Sarah Paulson’s well known performances comes from the show, American Horror Story. With each season came a new role for Paulson, and she carried each one out with perfection. In season two, she played the role as a journalist who was checking out Briarcliff Manor, an insane asylum. In “Coven,” she played the witch headmistress at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, named Cordelia Foxx. In “Freak Show,” Paulson played the role of the conjoined twins. No matter the role throughout the show, Paulson always seemed to know the best way to portray her character, and never once let her fans down. Her presence in each season added a lot to American Horror Story.

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After many years as a profound actor, Paulson finally got a huge role in a Netflix original. The Netflix original series, Ratched, casted Paulson as the lead role. She played the part of a vengeful woman named Mildred Ratched. The show is about Mildred Ratched’s life of lies, as she attempts to save the life of her brother Edmund Tulleson who had recently murdered four priests. Mildred hides her identity and lands a job at St. Lucia Hospital, the place her brother was being held, to attempt to save him from the death penalty. But as she worked at the hospital and tried to make her way to the top, she ran across many intense, underlying problems that existed inside the hospital.

Sarah Paulson’s Netflix series, Ratched, was reported by Netflix to have reached 48 million views mark over its first 28 days it was released. This, according to the SVOD service, made it the “biggest original season one of the year.” Although only one season has been released now, a second season is predicted to be released in the future.

Sarah Paulson has caught the attention of the public through many of her roles, but mainly American Horror Story and most recently, the Netflix original Ratched. Her fans cannot wait to see what the future holds for her, and what next role will continue her profession in the world of acting.



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