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Safety First: Madison Police Department Joins Twitter

The Madison Police Department has entered the world of the smartphone-crazed students of Madison, and now has its very own Twitter account, @MPDCentralCPT. The many smartphone users on campus may now receive safety tips while out and about in the city, streamed updates on where Police are headed to conduct alcohol safety inspections, and information on bars and parties that were raided.

The department’s newfound twitter presence is a great way for students to be aware of their surroundings, make proactive decisions, and enjoy themselves at the same time! The Police Department follows other twitter accounts, such as Madison Bar Raids, that can give students additional information about unsafe situations to avoid. “If they’re trying to find out anyway, we figure we might as well let them know, maybe gain some voluntary compliance ahead of time,” said Madison police Lt. Kristen Roman. The Department’s incorporation of social media into its outreach to college students is a decisive move, and UW students should use it to their benefit. 

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