Runway of Dreams

Mindy Scheier is a member of design teams for various brands such as INC, a stylist for brands like Saks Fifth Ave and the founder of the adaptive clothing line Runway of Dreams.  Her son, Oliver, was born with Rigid Spine Syndrome, which is an uncommon form of muscular dystrophy. It has always been hard to dress him because of his weak muscles. Mindy realized that with her 20 plus years of fashion experience, she could create clothing that could help those with disabilities and the results are incredible!

Runway of Dreams is a non-profit organization whose mission statement advocates the creation of fashionable clothing that is adaptive and all inclusive. They recently partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to create a line of adaptive clothing when they realized that only a small number of places sell clothing for kids with disabilities. This is a huge feat for the organization and Mindy believes that today’s society is more than ready for this innovative clothing to hit the stores.

Their clothing is designed with special technologies like patented magnets that make them easier to wear. The pants all have been modified by removing the zippers and replacing them with velcro and magnets on the fly as well as the bottoms of the pants.  Shirts and dresses have magnets on the front and/or back so that they’re easy to put on and take off.  These clothes can accommodate many different disabilities including leg braces, wheelchairs and shortened sleeves for amputees.

What’s next for Runway of Dreams?  Mindy Scheier hopes to expand their line and start creating clothing for adults with disabilities.  She also hopes that Runway of Dreams can begin to pave the way for more major brands to start carrying clothing that people who are differently abled can wear with ease.  With the increase in awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities, this clothing line is a major step forward not only in the fashion world, but in the everyday lives of many people and families!

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