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Quick Spring Break Options for the Procrastinator

And just like that, spring break is less than a month away! While this should be great news, you totally procrastinated on planning something, and now you have nothing to do. You could go home for the week, but all your friends at other UW schools have different spring breaks, so you know you’ll be alone. Never fear, it’s not too late to get an incredible trip planned — here are some ideas!


Nashville is a common spring break destination for a reason. With tons of music, bars, museums, sports, clubs and everything in between, you won’t be bored here exploring for a week! Nashville is beautiful in the spring when the trees start to bloom, and you’ll love wandering around the Grand Ole Opry hotel gardens, maybe even catch a show at the classic Grand Ole Opry itself? Downtown you’ll be overwhelmed by plenty of great drinks, barbeque, and live music. The best part? Nashville is only a nine-hour drive from Madison — in Midwestern standards, we’re practically neighbors! With a few driving buddies, you can definitely make the drive in one day and have plenty of time to enjoy all Tennessee has to offer!.



Who said vacation had to mean going far away? Maybe you don’t have it in the budget to go away all week, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out of town for a few days! We have an incredible city just a few hours south, and it’s dying to be explored! You can see a show, eat tons of tasty foods, bar hop and site see. Start looking up cheap hotels now, you can find good deals throughout the year! I recommend spending a night at The Second City comedy club — it’s a super cheap night of lots of laughs. You and your girls can shop the day away on the Magnificent Mile, ice skate in the park and check out incredible art galleries at the museum.



While this may take a bigger toll on your wallet, it would totally be worth it. You probably have at least one friend studying abroad this semester that you’re dying to visit. Their Instagram posts have been out of this world, and you want to experience what their life is like across the seas! Plan a week abroad! Your friend will be so happy to see a familiar face, and you’ll get the opportunity to explore someplace totally new.


Cross Country Road Trip

If you want to do something super fun for spring break, but you don’t have anyone to travel with, you’re in luck! You can still sign up for the STLF bus trip. STLF is a student organization that organizes a cross-country road trip every spring break. You board a bus with a group of other students and spend the week volunteering and traveling around the U.S. This year the bus goes through Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri and more! The trip is affordable and one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have. I went in 2017, and I honestly loved the entire experience and met some of my best friends ever on the trip


Don’t let procrastination be your excuse for having a terrible spring break. With a couple of hours and some motivation, you can have an awesome trip planned for you and your friends in no time!


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