Party at CYC Madison

Recently, the Her Campus Wisconsin team was given the opportunity to have a free week of spinning rides through CYC Fitness, and we owe you a huge thank you—you made it fun and kicked our butts at the same time. As someone who loves trying different kinds of workouts, one week was all it took to get me hooked to this unique power workout program. I would invite fitness lovers and fitness loathers alike to try out this exercise class that will keep everyone excited.

The tagline “party on a bike” is fitting as the workout is high energy throughout. There is constantly changing lights and awesome music playlists. The dark lighting of the room alleviates pressure because no one is focusing on your speed or how much you are sweating. The cycologists are fantastic at keeping you motivated during the whole workout and creating a positive atmosphere.

These sweat sessions exercise your entire body with cardio and weighted sectors. The weighted sectors take inspiration from sports such as boxing, swimming, and more. CYC’s sessions come in 45 and 60 minute formats. They also have more cardio or weight focused sessions available. Rides cost between $15.50 and 18.50 depending on which package is purchased. If you do go, make sure to do the routine at your own pace by listening to your body, and drink lots of water!

CYC Fitness offers multiples rides per day all seven days of the week. For those of you who have not tried it, I would highly recommend booking your bike now! #GetCyced

CYC Fitness is located at 773 University Ave #205, Madison, WI 53715 above Fresh Market. Contact them at or call 608-561-2292.