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An Open Letter to My (Boyfriend’s) Sister

To my soul sister and someday actual sister, 

Maddie - where do I even start with you?  You are the girl who has come to mean so much to me while also driving me absolutely crazy sometimes.  You are the quintessential sister yet also bring your unique spunk to everything in our sistership.  It is weird to think that a year ago I barely knew you.  Today I could not imagine who else I would call when I need to know if two things match, dye my hair constantly with during the early hours of the morning or who I would get my “daily twerks” from.

Trust me, if you fit into the societal standard as only my boyfriend’s sister our memories would be very different.  They wouldn’t involve us stealing clothes without asking the other, eating ice cream out of containers to no end and getting into ‘spitting’ arguments.  Definitely they would not make everyone else feel like they are “third-wheeling” us.  Without these memories and you, my life would be so much less bright than they are. 

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Maddie, I can only hope I have done as much for you as you have for me.  When I needed a hug and an ice cream tub, you were already handing me the spoons.  When I needed a shopping trip to destress, you were already in the car waiting for me.  When I needed to be set straight after doing something stupid, oh trust me you were totally there already laughing at me but then telling me to never make the same mistake….just like a little sister should.

You have allowed me to have a sister I can lean on, confide in and argue with on all the stupid little things in the world.  More importantly, though you have given me someone to protect, love and be a big sister to.  I hope you know I watch out for you in all you do, love you through everything, even the heater battle, and will always be here no matter what life throws at you.  Somehow though I feel like if life throws anything at you, you will simply throw it back in life’s face and tell them to f*** off.  

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Madz, I hope you know how special you are and how much you deserve in this world.  You have spunk, determination and heart like no other.  You have welcomed me into your life as your sister without a second glance.  There has never been an uncomfortable moment with you as I can go to you with anything.  Always know you can do the same.  Even though you may be the ‘big’ little sister with really good advice, the ‘little’ big sister will always be here for you with her old age and wisdom.  

Never stop being you Maddie.  You have taught me so much and made me want to be the sister you never had.  I can’t wait to see all you accomplish and be by your side through it all.  I am never going anywhere, so know you will always have me cheering you on and loving you like any sister would.  Also, I really like your room so whether you like it or not you might be stuck with me, but not in the way whipped cream sticks to the wall.  Anyway, I love you, sis.  

Thank you for everything and for always being you. XOXO     - Kate 

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