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New Workout Craze: Stiletto Workout

Are you in need of a new workout? Perhaps something fun where you’ll look and feel fierce? Well, you’ll fall head over heels for this new workout craze. Stiletto workouts are what’s new in the fitness world. With an emphasis on toning your legs, butt, and core, these workouts will surely get you in the mood to throw on those stilettos and strut your stuff.

In most classes, you begin barefoot starting with exercises to tone and strengthen essential muscle groups. These could include anything from squats or lunges to crunches and leg lifts. Once all that hard work is over with, you get to strap on your favorite pair of pumps and do work. Other classes let you wear your heels throughout the workout to help build confidence in your heel-walking capabilities as well as perfect your posture with core strengthening exercises.

Most of these fabulously fun classes are based in New York City, but there are a handful of dance studios that offer similar classes. Unfortunately, there are not any stiletto classes in the Madison area. However, there are excellent options you can do at home, like following along with a YouTube version of the workout or making your own version. Here’s an example workout you can try:

  • 10 lunges (5 on each side)
  • 15 squats (hold the last squat and pulse for 30 seconds)
  • 10 donkey kicks
  • 10 fire hydrants

While this workout can result in toned features and major confidence boosts as you strut down State Street on Friday nights, this fierce workout can also lead to fierce injuries. Be careful not to twist an ankle or hurt yourself trying these moves. But if you’re ready to shake up your workout routine, give these stiletto workouts a try! Blast your favorite Beyoncé jam, strap on your heels, do those squats and you’re sure to strut your stuff in a new found confidence.

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