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My Top Five Most Insufferable Main Characters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

My opinions on the most annoying book characters

I absolutely love to read. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. With that being said, I have read a lot of books with infuriating main characters. These are my (possibly unpopular) opinions on the most annoying book characters. 

5. Feyre Archeron

Starting with number five, we have the high lady of the night court, the esteemed curse breaker, Feyre Archeron. Don’t get me wrong, I love these books. I absolutely devoured this series, but sometimes I needed to take a step back because she can just be too much. I swear she’s always whining about something. She could have avoided half of the challenges that she put herself through. Though in comparison to the rest of the characters on this list, she’s tame. 

4. Edward Cullen

Fourth has got to be Edward Cullen. I can’t explain why this man makes me mad. He just coddles Bella to the point of encouraging her ‘pick me’ energy, and I can’t stand it. If I were him, I would’ve stayed gone in New Moon

3. Harry Potter

Third would have to be Mr. Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with this franchise. However, sometimes Mr. Potter just made dumb choices that had me closing the book and taking a moment. Although I’m sorry about the loss of his parents and how he was treated by his Aunt and Uncle, he used that as an excuse to act how he wanted his entire life. He had great friends and an amazing support system at Hogwarts that I feel he just took for granted. I also may just be taking out my J.K. Rowling frustrations on him. 

2. Tessa Young

Number two would have to be Tessa Young. First, cheating is never okay. She should’ve broken up with Noah from the beginning, so that’s the first reason she loses points. Also, Hardin treats her terribly. I get the bad-boy appeal, but come on, show some self-respect. I genuinely can’t get past the fact that she got back together with him after the sheet incident. 

1. Bella Swan

Coming in at number one, we have Miss Bella Swan herself. Girl, come on. Your codependency is infuriating. Get over it. You don’t need a man to be happy. She changed her entire life for this guy. I just can’t get behind it. She also radiates ‘pick me’ energy, hardcore. Like bae, nobody cares you’re from Arizona and it rains too much in Washington. Also, can we acknowledge the fact that she had these men fawning over her and she still acted like nobody liked her? PLEASE. 

Kylie Carriveau

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