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The three ALbulmsthat keep me going after months of the cold

As we slowly approach the end of the cold winter and all there is to do is await the glorious summer time, there is nothing as important as a curated group of music to listen to. Along with the weather, the music I listen to has a significant impact on my mood. As someone who enjoys wallowing in gloomy fog by listening to the most depressing music, I can confidently say I have a selection of albums, some old, others new, that are going to help me persevere through the weeks to come.

1. Waiting to Spill by The Backseat Lovers

Last year I was lucky enough to go see The Backseat Lovers at the Majestic, and after seeing them live, their music was the only thing I listened to for the following five months. The previous albums: When We Were Friends and Elevator Days are on the more upbeat side and I recommend both to anyone. After an intense fixation on these songs, I patiently awaited a new album and when Waiting to Spill finally arrived, I was immediately captivated. They abandoned the more aggressive rock side leaning into an alternative, newer age radiohead vibe if you will. From start to finish, Waiting to Spill is perfection. Each song slightly differs in tempo and feeling, some more upbeat and others more somber and slow paced. As I await warm weather, I’ve been replaying this album daily on my walks to class, while doing work or cleaning my room.

2. When the Pawn… Fiona Apple

I was first introduced to Fiona Apple in fourth grade from my dad, and while my 10 year-old self enjoyed it, there was nothing quite like delving deeper as I’ve grown older. When the Pawn… is a masterpiece to put it plainly. Fiona Apple’s lyricism is transformative and beautifully tragic to listen to. Not only is her voice angelic, but it encapsulates rage in an indescribable way. Each song is carefully crafted in a way that makes anyone listening feel angry, rejoiceful, sad or euphoric. Apple creates like no other, having released only a few albums since her debut, any listener can feel the thoughtfulness and careful intent to each song.

3. Boygenius’ EP

Like most teenage girls, Phoebe Bridgers is a musical genius in my mind. Having found Boygenius a few years ago, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker have joined her in my favorite artists of all time. The three women have created a sound unlike any other. Whether singing separately, or all together, there is nothing quite as beautiful as each song on their EP. Although a mere six songs, Boygenius has raised the bar for sad music. The songs tie together so perfectly it’s almost impossible not to feel emotional listening. There’s a calming, yet forceful sound in each one that feels like a rollercoaster of emotions to try to comprehend.

Even though they’re all relatively different, these three albums harmoniously create a listening experience like no other. I’ve played these three albums on repeat as the sun begins to set later.. Altogether they are delicate, yet harsh and aggressive, each with their own distinct sound and story. All three have single handedly gotten me through boring days at home, long hours in the library and my casual 30 minute walk to the microbial sciences building.

Sophie Hyman

Wisconsin '25

California – University of Wisconsin 2025 English and Anthropology