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Moving into College Dorms as Told By New Girl

Remember the sweat and pain of move-in days back in the beginning of September? Now that it’s over, we can finally talk about how overwhelming and crazy the experience was, especially for newbies…

1. The instant feeling of discomfort

You were out of your element suddenly. You were in a place that you get to call home for the next eight months while being surrounded by strangers. It’s completely normal to feel uneasy.

2. The pain of physically moving things

You must’ve felt tired from climbing up four flights of stairs—or from holding your things for too long while waiting for the elevator. It’s almost as hard as climbing up Bascom Hill.

3. The overwhelming emotions

Your parents were gone, you were surrounded by unpacked boxes, and you probably felt like crying. Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

4. Awkward first encounters

With moving comes meeting a lot of new people. While some of us are a bit more socially graceful, there’s bound to be an awkward encounter as you introduce yourself to new people.

5. The cute guy down the hall

Of course you bumped into a cute guy after you were all sweaty from moving? Go ahead, add that to your list of awkward encounters.

6. Your new roommate

No matter how much you love your roommate, you’ll end up setting boundaries sooner or later. After all, this is where your new home is, so some rules may be necessary.

7. Realizing the amount freedom you have

It may have been your first couple of nights by yourself, or it may have been the first time you make nearly all decisions on your own. Sure, you’ll make some bad choices, but that’s what college is about.

8. Settling in

You’re finally settling in as the wave of initial shock and confusion passes. There probably were some bumps in the road, but it all worked out in the end.


Move-in day was sure an exciting time—you finally got to be on your own, and you were ready to start new adventures. On the other hand, it was all probably pretty overwhelming. You’re now in an unknown place with strangers, and emotions are running high. But, after all of that craziness, you are finally now all set to live your new college life!

Chloe Billstrom

Wisconsin '20

A junior studying Sociology, Spanish, and Global Health who also has a love for writing and languages.
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