Meet Logan: The American Boy

American Girl made their debut in 1986 with the mission to “fuel belonging and connection among girls.” Through countless products such as movies, books, and—obviously—dolls, American Girl have empowered young girls to explore the power of friendship and to understand the impact women have in this world today.

On Feb. 16, American Girl released their first ever boy doll, Logan Everett, who is currently back-ordered until Mar. 31. Logan is an American Girl doll’s bandmate and drummer who comes at the price of $115, but why is this so important?

American Girl is striving to change the expectations the media put on young girls and boys. Logan not only integrates the value of inclusion but also strikes down the preconceived notions that toys are gendered. Introducing Logan to the collection unifies something all children have in common: the joy that comes from using imagination during play.

Photo Credit: US Weekly