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Madison Hunkers Down for First Winter Storm of the Season


According to the National Weather Service, “a potentially nasty snowstorm” is expected to fall today, bringing us a foot of snow, high winds, and plummeting temperatures continuing throughout the day tomorrow, the 20th. If the weather becomes so severe that finals must be cancelled, students are to refer to the University’s home page, social media, or TV and local news channels. Professors will also be notifying students if an exam is to be cancelled. As awesome as cancelled finals sounds, students would most likely have to make them up over their winter break, which would not be too enjoyable. Her Campus chatted with some students in Memorial Library, and Mariel Lopes, Accounting Major, found some time to talk with us in the midst of studying for her Accounting 100 final. “As awesome as it would be to get a few hours of sleep this Friday morning and not have to take my final, the thought of having to worry about making it up over break is nauseating.” Totally agree Mariel.

Students and faculty are encouraged to use caution while coming to and from campus. If you have any information about a campus event that is being cancelled due to the storm, the University urges you to email chancellor@news.wisc.edu so that details of changes can be made. Stay warm, study hard, and happy holidays sconnies!

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