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Mad-town’s got that swag: a freshman’s experience

Upon entering college, everyone told me that rushing a sorority was going to be a painful process. I was told to prepare myself for long, grueling days filled with anxiety and fear of rejection. One thing they forgot to mention was the fact that I would be asked the same bloody question around 100 times a day. “Wow, you’re from the east coast? Why choose Wisconsin?”
It wasn’t the question that bothered me; it was the fact that I had no idea how to answer it. Why did I choose Wisconsin? It’s incredibly far away from home, I’m surrounded by farms and supposedly the winters are unbearable. I was really beginning to doubt my motives for moving to the Midwest.
Now, moving into the second semester of my freshman year, I can finally answer that question.
1. Rushing the field after Ohio State.
After what we like to call the biggest upset in college football of this season, thousand of badger fans, including myself, swarmed the field, ignoring the announcer’s cries to “Please, do not enter the field.” Glancing up, I saw my friend dangling from the goal post. To my left, was my friend snapping a photo of our star quarterback, John Clay. The excitement in the stadium that night was insurmountable.
2. Ian’s Pizza.
It’s 2 AM in the morning. I’ve had an eventful night but I’m not quite ready to go home. Where to? Ian’s Pizza, of course. Now, I definitely have to be “in the mood” for the delectable macaroni pizza but the late night atmosphere is truly something special. From the angry drunk guy to the girl that is having trouble walking, Ian’s is always filled with excitement.
3. Obama Rally.
For a campus in the middle of the country to catch the standing presidents eye, it is quite the accomplishment. The fact that 26,500 patrons showed up to see President Obama speak just goes to show that despite our “party school” reputation, we are a community that cares about our country and the direction we move in.
4. Snowball fights.
 So, it’s finally that dreaded time of year: winter in Wisconsin. Coming from Maryland, this was probably one of my biggest fears upon attending the university. We had our first snowfall on a Friday night in Madison. Walking home in the snow around 1 in the morning in a pair of heels would not be what I consider to be an ideal night. However, leave it to Madtown to throw a massive snowball fight between hundreds of students. Madison students definitely know how to have fun. I know a snow day is wishful thinking but according to the older students, we had our first one last year and it turned into a 2,000+ person snowball fight. I have my fingers-crossed for a repeat performance this year.
5. Langdon Street.
We like to think the Greek scene at Wisconsin is special. But it actually isn’t big here because less than 10% of undergraduate students are a part of the system. Because of this, it has become a tight knit community. Langdon Street (our version of sorority row) has turned into home sweet home. Whether its 3AM and the AePi boys are barbequing or it’s the middle of the afternoon and I run into an AXO on the way to the library, I will undoubtedly see someone I know every time I walk down the street.
6. Muck Fichigan.
On the weekend of November 20th, University of Wisconsin students invaded Ann Arbor. And yes, I was one of those insane Badger Fans that embarked on the eight-hour party bus to turn Blue to Red. Although the 3 days that I spent in Michigan were more along the lines of a 72-hour-party, the football game was an unforgettable experience.  Standing in my red and white pinstriped overalls, I glanced around the largest stadium in America and saw masses of red in a sea of blue and maize. The sheer numbers of badger fans shouting and cheering on Wisconsin made me feel immensely proud.  Muck Fichigan indeed.  Oh yeah, and did I mention we annihilated them, 48-28?
7. Badger Pride.
Yes, I know it sounds cheesy (specifically, Wisconsin cheddar cheesy). But, have you ever met a Madison student that didn’t love their school? Everyone at this school is completely and utterly obsessed. Bucky the badger is our god. Although students come to Madison from a variety of backgrounds, it is our common love for our school that brings us together. On Wisconsin! 

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