The Lob: Do or Don’t

It seems like celebs have been chopping off their hair left and right-- from Lauren Conrad to Lucy Hale. And we’re loving it. The lob is the perfect cure for the winter blues. It provides instant chicness, even when your face is barely showing because you’re so bundled up.

Coincidentally, Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad both have the same hair stylist, Kristen Ess. Ess recently spilled her secrets to the on how to get the perfect lob. She recommends a mousse (Not Your Mother's Whip It Up Mousse) to hold short curls. “Short hair should move! It should be fun and you should put your hands in it throughout the day,” Ess said. 

But enough about celebrity cuts. I chatted with junior Emma Leuman, who recently cut 7 inches and got the most fabulous lob I’ve seen yet.

Did you have any particular inspirations behind your new do?

Yes! I was obsessed when Lauren Conrad cut hers and seeing her with short hair really gave me the final push to do it myself. My other inspirations were Taylor Swift and Lucy Hale.

Is it hard to maintain everyday?

With my hair texture I have to style it everyday otherwise it looks like I'm a guy with a flow. I have wavy-ish hair so it tends to just wave around my ears if I don't style it and I prefer it to be a bit more messy.

Did you cry or absolutely hate it when you first got it cut?

Nope! I didn't cry in the salon. Thank god because no one likes that girl on America's Next Top Model who cries when her hair gets chopped. I've had my hair short before so it wasn't too scary. I cut off about 7 inches! It's so fun and it always grows back!

So now you know that the lob looks good on a real person that doesn’t have hairstylists at her beck and call. Get your lob on ladies, cause this trend is a total do!