The Life of the Procrastinator: 10 Things I Do Instead of Homework

It happens to the best of us, the most motivated of us. We sit down, ready to tackle whatever assignments professors have thrown our way. But, inevitably, we aren’t quite as productive as we intend to be. I mean, as I write this article, there are surely other things I should really be doing for my classes but hey, sometimes you just need a study break (or ten).


1.Get a snack

You’ve got your books out, your pen is at the ready- but wait! You can’t possibly study without grabbing a snack first! So, you meander to the fridge and find something to munch on. Then, you inevitably end up postponing your studying until after you finish eating because multitasking is hard, right?


2. Check Instagram

While you were eating your snack, if you’re anything like me, you probably opened Instagram! Maybe you came across the profile for someone you went to high school with and ended up scrolling all the way back to 2012; maybe you saw a really funny meme and just had to dm it to all your friends. Either way, that quick check of the gram just turned into a 30 minute detour from studying.


3. Get Some Music Going

Music helps you focus, right? But do you have the right playlist? Go ahead and make a new one! You’ll be so much more focused with just the right background noise! At least, that’s what I tell myself.


4. Check Twitter

It all started innocently enough, you had one of those annoying little notification bubbles on your screen next to Twitter. Logically, you open it up and end up harmlessly doing some scrolling. Another 15 minutes later, you’re caught up on all your friends lives for the day but you still haven’t gotten your studying done.


5. Check Your Email

Emails are important! What if my class for tomorrow got cancelled, what if there’s a coupon for my favorite store that ends TONIGHT?! Clearly, checking my email is a necessary use of my time.


6. Check In With Your Roommates

You head to the bathroom and inevitably stop by your roommate’s room to see how they’re doing. Long story short, you end up talking about whatever interesting stuff happened to them that day. Not studying, but hey, fostering roommate bonds is important!


7. Take that Buzzfeed Quiz

What Disney prince will I marry based on my favorite pasta? I don’t know, Buzzfeed, let’s find out! C’mon, it would be rude not to take the quiz your BFF just sent you. If you don’t do it now, you might forget!


8. Text Your Mom

Your mom isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. Which is precisely why you have to text her and update her on your life, see how she’s doing, and be jealous of whatever she’s making for dinner at home. Maybe even do a little complaining to her about how impossible this homework assignment is, she’ll definitely have some great advice for you.


9. Check Facebook

You were juuuussttt about to really get down to business studying when, alas, a Facebook notification pops up! As long as you have your phone out you should just check it and get that out of the way. Maybe while you’re there, check out that dogspotting page dedicated only to cute dog pictures. It can’t hurt, right?


10. Go to bed

Oh no! Looks like it’s bedtime! Better get my teeth brushed, pajamas on, and hop into bed! You can’t be productive without a good night’s sleep, can you?


So, maybe you didn’t quite get around to doing that assignment you were going to finish up. And maybe you weren’t all that efficient with your time. Well, it happens to everyone. Tomorrow’s a new day, and maybe it’ll be the day you put your phone away before you study so you don’t get distracted. Then again, maybe you’ll start that next week.