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Life Being An Identical Twin

Whenever somebody finds out I am an identical twin, my answers to the questions that follow are almost automatic. There seems to be a conception that twins are mystic creatures that have magical powers. I mean, yeah, I would like to think I’m pretty awesome and can do cool things, but that doesn’t mean I can relay information to my sister telepathically or feel her pain, literally. Here is the truth on what it is like having an identical twin, and the things that never, ever happen.

1.     No, we don’t dress the same anymore. What kind of question is that? We stopped dressing the same after our first communion when my mom promised that was the last time she would make us wear the same thing. Since then, I’ve dressed myself, and differently than my twin sister.

2.     No, I can’t read her mind. In fact, everyday I try to figure that chick out. Sure, we will say the same thing once in a while or hum the same tune. But this is no different than you saying the same thing as your best friend or a family member—pure coincidence.

3.     No, I don’t get mad when you accidently call me my twin’s name. One, I like her name so I don’t mind. Two, I can’t get mad at something that is actually an accident. Three, I am too use to being called my twin’s name to even care. We both respond to each other’s name all the time. Anytime my mom needs one of us, she just calls both of our names. To our friends, we are the “Lollino twins.” We are a package deal. Mary-Kate and Ashley, Zach and Cody. We accepted that a long, long time ago.

4.     No, I have never had a boy accidently kiss her instead of me. This is simple; if a boy doesn’t know you enough to kiss the right person, he probably shouldn’t be kissing you in the first place.

5.     No, I don’t have an answer to what’s it like being a twin? Think about it, how would you explain what’s it like not being a twin? I don’t know anything else. This is my normal, I have nothing to compare to.

6.     No, we don’t continually try to trick our teachers or take each other’s test. In grade school, our teachers knew us too well and we would never get away with it.  College is way too risky and my twin would rather fail a test than let me attempt to pass it.

7.     Yes, we still say hi to people who think we are each other. This is something that has happened almost every day since we got to college. People in my classes will say hi to her, and people in hers will say hi to me. Our rule: always go along, don’t correct. Later they realize they got the wrong twin and the say the classic omg she must have thought I was so creepy! No, I promise we didn’t!

8.     Yes, we do fight. You try never having alone time and let me know how it feels. Having a twin is like having a live shadow. You always have someone there, and that is mostly a benefit, but sometimes it can lead to a lot of frustration.

9.     Yes, we are interested in the same things. Media often portrays twins as polar opposites, and sometimes they are. We play the same sports, we have the same friends, we watch the same TV shows, and she has been my roommate in college. I will admit she is smarter than me, but as I always say, she was born with the bigger brain and I the bigger heart.

10. Yes, I like being a twin. It’s a special bond that is so different than just having a sibling. Having someone who is going through life with you at the same pace is something that not a lot of people get to have with a friend or a sibling. Sure, sometimes I would like to be alone, but my life wouldn’t be my life without my twin in it. *Cue my mom’s tears.*

If you aren’t an identical twin, I hope I shed some light on what it is like to be one (and if you are one and don’t know it yet, I hope you find him/her and your story epically resembles the Parent Trap). If you are one, turn to your twin and thank him or her for sharing a face with you; it’s not an easy task, but definitely a fun one. 

I am a senior at UW Madison and third year student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. After pursuing a major in Strategic Communications and a certificate in digital studies, I'm hoping to be the next Chelsea Handler or get adopted by the Kardashian clan. When I'm not roaming Madison or doing school work, you can find me being cooler than my twin sister, taking selfies without any shame, or quoting Gilmore Girls on social media. I'm a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle and puppies. I'm so excited about being a writer for Her Campus and hope you enjoy all my thoughts and my attempts at being funny with you!
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