Lessons Each Member of Queer Eye Can Teach Us

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Queer Eye yet, then stop what you’re doing and go watch an episode or two (or five, we won’t judge). The show is centered around a group of five men, otherwise known as the Fab 5, who travel to different areas and help transform the lives of deserving men who have been nominated by friends and family for a makeover. Each member of the Fab 5 not only brings something different to the table in terms of the transformation, but they also each have different perspectives on life and love, and they each offer us lessons that we can take to heart! Read on to see what lessons we can take away from each lifestyle expert of Queer Eye.

Tan France:

Tan France is the style expert of the group, which isn’t all too surprising considering that he always sports sleek, on-trend looks — complete from his outfit to his perfectly coiffed hair. Tan is mild-mannered, but he still knows how to get the makeover subjects to listen to his advice. He is good at tailoring outfits to each person’s individual style while still getting them to step outside of their comfort zone. Tan teaches us that it’s okay to try something different- who knows? We may end up loving it!

Antoni Porowski:



Antoni Porowski is the show’s cooking expert, which means that he teaches the makeover subjects healthy recipes and ways to incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lives. Not only is Antoni an excellent chef who always knows exactly which ingredients go well together, but he is also great at encouraging people to be their best selves. If we can learn anything from Antoni, it’s to encourage others and to help them live their lives to the fullest!


Bobby Berk:


Bobby Berk is the design expert on the team and helps transform old, cluttered spaces into fresh, homey places! When the Fab 5 arrive at a makeover subject’s home, Bobby is usually the one to be brutally honest and point out the messiness and misuses of space. While some of Bobby’s comments might seem harsh, he shows the importance of honesty and constructive criticism. Sometimes we need to point out the messier parts of life so that we can help create a solution.


Karamo Brown:


Karamo Brown is the “culture” expert of the Fab 5. He will typically sit down with the makeover subject and talk to them about what’s going on in their life. Karamo is the wise one who gives advice, offers an ear to listen, and also gives his shoulder to cry on. It is truly inspiring to watch the ways that Karamo interacts with different people and how he even gets the most reserved people to come out of their shell and open up about difficult situations they’ve faced in life. Something that we can learn from Karamo is the importance of simply being there for someone — whether that’s to give advice or to just listen.


Jonathan Van Ness:

Jonathan Van Ness is arguably the bubbliest and most outgoing of all the members of the Fab 5. Van Ness is a professional hairdresser, which comes as no surprise given his gorgeous mane. His role on the show is to help people better their haircare and skincare routines. Through his genuine and funny personality, Jonathan helps people to come out of their shells and express themselves. The biggest lesson we can learn from Jonathan is to be true to ourselves, be confident, and to rock what we’ve got no matter what!


Queer Eye is truly a heartwarming show that is about so much more than a makeover. Many of the episodes also delve deeper into some of the struggles and challenges that the makeover subjects, as well as the Fab 5, have gone through. While there is a fun, playful vibe to the show, the serious moments truly shine through as the crown jewels of each episode. Although we can’t all have the Fab 5 give our lives a makeover, we can still learn from them and try to implement some of their philosophies and attitudes into our daily lives. Here’s to living like the Fab 5!