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The Last Time the Badgers Were in the Final Four

It has been quite some time, 14 years to be exact, since our beloved Badgers reached the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. The world has gone through quite some change since the year 2000, and here are some things to remind you just how long it has been.


Last time the Badgers were in the Final Four…


Bill Clinton was amidst his second term as President of the United States.

Will Ferrell was still dominating Saturday Night Live

Scream 3 was the number one movie at the box office.

American Beauty had just won the Academy Award for Best Picture

*NSYNC’s No Strings Attached album had just been released.

If you had a cellphone, it probably looked like this…

PlayStation 2 had just been released.

Windows 2000 was the fastest operating system available for you computer.

You, for some odd reason, owned and played with a Furby.

MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter were hardly ideas

AIM was the most relevant and popular form of social networking

Badger star Frank Kaminsky was just a little guy.

…And so was Sam Dekker

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