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Katie Losiniecki

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again– football season! A time where Badger Nation wakes up at the crack of dawn to mentally and physically prepare to cheer on their favorite team. A time where wearing overalls is not shunned upon, but actually encouraged. (Only if they’re red and white!) A time where thousands of die-hard fans come together to create a sea of red in the amazing Camp Randall Stadium. Whether you’ve been to one game, or a hundred, it’s always an unforgettable experience. For Katie Losiniecki, her experience is a little different than most, but remarkable nonetheless. She is a Varsity Cheerleader for the UW football team.

How did you get involved with cheering for the UW?
I was a Varsity cheerleader all four years of high school and have always dreamed of being a cheerleader for the Badgers. I tried out in the fall of last year and this is now my second year on the team.

What is the tryout process like? Is it competitive?
There are two tryout times a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The tryout process is quite competitive; however I encourage all who are interested to tryout!

What is your favorite part about cheering for the Badgers?
My favorite part about cheerleading is getting to be involved with the University as more than just a student- I have front row seats to every Badger Game. Also, I get to be a role model for the University and I have awesome opportunities to meet UW Alumni and Families.

Describe the school spirit UW fans have: what is it like being able to see the student section the whole time?
UW fans have the most school spirit I have ever seen. Cheerleaders from other schools have told us how they love coming to Camp Randall because our fans are so awesome and the atmosphere is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. The coolest part about football games is Jump Around though. You get to see the entire student section jumping up and down in front of you! Which is crazy! But my favorite part about UW fans is the fact that no matter if we win or lose the fans still love and support their Badgers!

Do you plan on continuing cheerleading after college?
I would love to continue cheerleading after college, but as a coach. To be able to help young girls be as successful as I have, would be incredible. And I love it so much, that it would be hard not to continue in some way after college.

Lastly, do you have any predictions for this season?
I can’t predict what will happen this season; however, I am hoping for another trip to the Rose Bowl! We will just have to wait and see. 

Tricia Fishbune is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She plans on majoring in Communication Arts, and eventually wants to work in the entertainment industry in either journalism or public relations. Aside from writing, she loves to hang out with friends, meet new people, travel, exercise, and try new things. 
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