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Joey Hayes

Name: Joey Hayes
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Wauwawtosa
Major: Business/Economics

Involvement on campus: MKT, Badgers with a Heart, ESA

What first catches your eye about a girl? Face shape.

What TV show would you be on? Seinfeld.

Dream place to travel: Italy.

What is your biggest party foul? I’m usually a respectful house guest, except for that one time at RJ’s in high school.

Biggest turn off: Red lipstick.

Celebrity crush: Eva Mendes for some ethnic flavor, but for standard vanilla I would say Elisha Cuthbert.

On campus crush: Maybe this girl named Holland Robinson, she’s kinda cute.

What is your favorite thing about being a Badger? The size of the school, and the amount of friendships I’ve developed with people from all over!

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