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It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling TINDER: The Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder

If you are an experienced Tinder devotee or just learning the ropes, you have or will come across more than one of these guys.  It’s up to you whether you swipe left or right.

The Pick Up Line Fiend

“If beauty were a drop of water, you’d be the ocean.” This type of guy thinks that the way to your heart is a few words over a message.  He’ll even send you another when you don’t respond to the first one.

The Dog Lover

Whether it is the extreme dog lover who has six puppies creepily crawling on him, or the guy with one cute little puppy, this guy tries to make up for his looks with a cute animal or two.

The Gym Rat Who Isn’t Afraid to Show You

Mirror pic with abs.  Enough said.

The Fishing Pic

The guy who is holding a big fish while wearing camo.  The classic outdoorsman.

The Star Athlete (or so he claims)

His bio has his sports team number for sure and you are bound to see an action pic of him in his uniform.

The “I Just Want to Cuddle”

If his bio involves cuddling there is a 100% chance that nothing he wants to do involves cuddling.

The Extremely Edited Selfie

He cares too much and is way too serious about Tinder.

Certainly you can relate to these guys no matter which way you swipe.

I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aspiring to study Journalism and Strategic Communication.
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