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I’m on the Holistic Health side of TikTok… Let me show you my fav accounts.

Quit mindlessly scrolling! Gain some knowledge instead!

For the last few years of my life, I’ve struggled greatly with chronic health problems and I know I’m not alone. Almost every girl I talk to has tummy issues, bloats after every meal, has chronic mental health issues and insomnia, or just plain ole’ doesn’t feel like themselves. I think this phenomena majorly has to do with being in college which forces you to be doing a million things at once, without paying close attention to what your body needs. As I’ve become more and more aware of my overall health, I’ve been seeking ways to discover the root causes of my issues and learning how to solve them through diet and natural supplementation. TikTok’s algorithm has surely made it easy on me as my feed has morphed from golden retriever memes to holistic health specialists and nutritionists. Here are the accounts I’ve learned the most from.


Heather is a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, who specializes in healing the gut to solve chronic health issues. I’ve learned a lot from her about cleansing the body, the vitamins I might be deficient in, their effects and how to get rid of everyday toxins that hurt the gut. My favorite posts from Heather are her implemented daily habits to reduce bloating, such as removing inflammatory foods and coconut oil pulling (google that one). She is very matter of fact and straight to the point in her posts, which is helpful in a TikTok sea of different opinions and strategies.


Olivia (Liv) Hedlund is a holistic nutritionist who gets into the nitty gritty on everything gut health- from brain fog to bloat! She has given me so much insight into gut friendly food swaps, such as switching store bought salad dressing for easy homemade ones (recipes included). She stresses reading the ingredients on everything you buy at the grocery store and notes which ones to avoid.


Known for her spunk and all-together happy attitude, Maddie posts TikToks all about healing hormone imbalances naturally. Before following Maddie, I had no idea that it is possible to have a pain free period or that herbs can help regulate your cycle and get your gut-health in check. As a certified herbalist, Maddie has created and put out her own herbal blend supplement called “Soothe,” intended to help women regululate their cycles and hormones. She is very knowledgeable about how hormones affect everything from our hair to our guts, and even has her own podcast called “Peace, Love and Hormones.” Go check her out!

The coolest thing about these accounts is that they are completely curated by women with personal adverse experiences who want to help and support other women like them. They all focus on natural healing, and are super encouraging to someone who is just beginning that steep climb. I’m constantly inspired by them to learn more about my own body and spread knowledge to others. Social media doesn’t have to be a black hole of insecurity and selective self-presentations. You have the power to alter your feed and pay attention to posts that help you rather than tear you down. I’m slowly learning how to use it to my advantage, and though there is so much to learn, hopefully these accounts can help others get started without getting too overwhelmed.

Bella Bussey is a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, and is pursuing a major in English with an emphasis on creative writing. She loves dogs and cooking, and in her free time enjoys running, watching movies and hanging out with friends.
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