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I Tried Eyelash Dye and I’m in Love

With the addition of salon services like eyelash extensions, eyelash perms, and eyelash tinting, many women are finding alternatives to mascara in order to achieve their desired lashes. As a redhead with white-blonde eyelashes, mascara has been a staple in my beauty routine since middle school. However, applying multiple coats every morning in an attempt to completely cover my blonde lashes in black is time consuming, tedious, and can often result in clumps. I’ve been tinting my own eyebrows for a while using at-home kits, which has given my previously nonexistent eyebrows some life. When it came to dyeing something so close to my actual eyeballs, I decided to take the job to the professionals.  


I visited Neroli Salon & Brow Bar on East Campus Mall and had my eyelashes tinted by Kaitie. She used a vegetable-based dye that is safe to use around the eyes and lasts about three to four weeks. The process was relaxing and comfortable, and I received complimentary undereye and lip treatments while the dye developed on my lashes.

I was a good candidate for eyelash tinting because my natural eyelashes are long and curly, so the only thing they were missing was the dark pigmentation that makes them actually visible. My new eyelashes are as black as they were when I used mascara, but they’re softer and clump-free! The best part? Having dyed eyelashes and eyebrows has totally simplified my beauty routine. I spend less time applying makeup in the morning and removing it at night. In the words of Queen Bey, “I woke up like this.”

Kristin is a student at the University of Wisconsin pursuing a degree in Marketing and Operations and Technology Management. Her favorite things in the whole world are vanilla lattes, John Mayer's voice, and her beagle mix, Olive. When she's not slaving over an accounting textbook, Kristin enjoys catching up on fashion and beauty trends, practicing yoga, and cheering on the Badgers.
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