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How to Up Your Instagram Game This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to up your Instagram. All the changing colors and Starbucks runs makes for the perfect content. Who doesn’t enjoy a good fall campus photo? 

First, you will need to pick a theme. The idea is that you want a visual personality throughout your Instagram.The most important part of your visual personality is a singular color. Someone on Instagram who does this very well is Lauryn Evarts (@TheSkinnyConfidential). She has an overall pink, Barbie vibe to her brand. When you view her Instagram stories and feed posts, you immediately know who is posting it because of her visual personality.

Once you have a color picked out, the filters are key. You want to use one or two filters on your feed photos and stories in order to create the ultimate Instagram flow. The best app to use filters is Lightroom. Utilizing the mobile Lightroom is a bit complicated at first. How I got started was with Etsy presets. They usually run from $1-10. If you want to up your game, influencers sell presets as well. My personal favorites are by Jackie Oshry (@JackieOProblems). When you buy a preset, it comes with a tutorial pdf as well. There are also many YouTube tutorials as well. This helps with general knowledge on the Lightroom app. 

If you don’t want to purchase presets, you can create your own as well or use free apps. VSCO is an obvious favorite but there are other great apps for filters such as Tezza and A Color Story. 

There are many great iPhone apps for assisting in your Instagram look. My favorites are Unfold, Unum and Picsart.

Unfold is an app that you can use to plan out your story posts and add backgrounds, captions, fonts and more. It makes story planning so simple and really amps up the look of your stories.

Unum is an app that you can plan out your future posts. It’s easy to look at how your flow will look without actually uploading them. 

Picsart is different because it is great for a multitude of things. The best parts are the effects that you can put on your photos and making stickers. The effects are great because they are not tacky and are perfect for story posts or feed posts. You can also make stickers; I utilize this feature for my story highlights. 

An additional aspect that will improve your theme is switching to a business or creator account; with this feature you can look at of your account’s statistics. This will help you figure out what your audience enjoys the most. With this information, you can tweak your theme to what is most liked.

Creating an Instagram theme is not necessarily difficult but it is a process to transition into. There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about a good Instagram flow!  

Emily is a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications. In her spare time, she loves taking photos, listening to podcasts, and going to art museums around campus. Find her on Instagram instagram.com/emily.ravet!
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