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How to Wear: Maxi Skirts


I’ve been waiting for it to be “springy” enough to do a how-to on maxi skirts but I just gave up. Rain or shine, it’s time to sport your maxi, girlies! This might be my favorite trend this spring. Not only are they extremely versatile – I think they’re like jeans; they can be worn with just about anything – but they are also such a comfortable and easy way to look like you put more effort into your outfit than you really did. Wear ‘em day and night, casual or dressy. There really are endless options with these. Here’s some outfits I put together that I hope prove just how versatile this thing is.


Outfit #1: Pumped-up Preppy

When I think spring, I think timeless pearl earrings, pale JCrew button ups, and flats. Upgrade this look with a maxi skirt! Pair your favorite oversized t-shirt, jean jacket, flats, statement necklace, a watch, and cross body with a maxi skirt and you’ve taken the typical spring prep and “pumped” it up!

Out #2: Edgy Chic

Just because you’re wearing a skirt doesn’t mean your outfit has to scream girly-girl. Put on a band tee, your black moto, and combats to create a look that shows off your rocker side. Or, if you’re like me and lack that BA element, add a floral scarf and some bright studs!

Outfit #3: Coachella, anyone?

Coachella’s this weekend and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling the music festival looks! A maxi skirt is perfect for outdoor concerts. Put on a cropped lace tank top, a belt, and some natural-toned platforms with your maxi to show your inner flower child. If you’re really feeling it, add a flower crown. Make sure to grab a sweater for when the sun sets! (P.S. Check out Steve Madden’s Instagram for cute Coachella looks!)

Outfit #4: Internships, Internships, Internships

Summer’s coming faster than you think. And that means summer internships. Make a good impression on the job by wearing your maxi skirt with a printed tank and a bright blazer. Depending on where your internship is, add basic black heels or flats for a look that is comfortable and professional!

Outfit #5: You So Fancy

And finally, a dressy outfit. A maxi can be dressed down, but it’s also not hard to dress it up. I mean, I used to think they could only be worn for formal events. With a strapless top and a sparkly belt, you have a dress look-a-like that can be worn for your special occasion. Oh, and don’t be afraid of color (just in general, too). I love these mint heels and earrings. 

It's my first year at UW-Madison and I couldn't be happier. With school, friends, writing, tweeting, pinning, online shopping, eating, drinking coffee, sleeping, LAUGHING, and loving - life is bueno. And, I mean, I create outfits and write about them on one of the greatest websites for college ladies. How could it get any better?
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